About Us

 Hummingbird Computing was formed in 1998 to develop terrain database and other computer products for use with a real-time modeling and simulation applications at a fraction of the traditional costs.
The founders of Hummingbird Computing Inc recognized that the advent of low cost, high performance virtual reality scene generators, such as those developed and sold by MetaVRTM Inc., the virtual reality technologies and computer simulation technologies used for the last decade and a half by the U.S. Department of Defense was now within affordable reach of the general population and small communities.  These technologies have been shown to be extremely useful in:
  • training emergency response personnel, 
  • understanding the effects of new development on a community
  • being able to provide a visual, interactive  portrayal of proposed buildings, roads, landscaping, disaster response, etc.

Our Mission
Development of custom terrain databases to support high resolution modeling and simulation.  In addition, we provide consulting services to individuals and organizations seeking to: 
  • use modeling and simulation applications in support of analysis and/or training
  • conduct alternative trade off analyses
  • develop/install local area networks
  • apply automation technologies to solving their unique requirements

Organization Profile
Hummingbird Computing includes personnel with extensive experience in
  • network architecture design, installation and management
  • software engineering
  • operations research analysis
  • small business management

The Founder has been involved in the development and application of Distributed Interactive Simulation to support US Department of Defense  training, material design, material evaluation, and systems acquisition.  He has extensive experience in the design and installation of high speed networks to support.