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John OKeefe


Hummingbird Computing's Director of Operations and principal investigator/programmer is John A. O'Keefe IV.  

Mr. O'Keefe has extensive experience in Systems Analysis, Operations Research, computer programming, computer system design, network (local and wide area) design/installation, and computer maintenance. 

His undergraduate degree is from Norwich University (BA 1975), his Masters in Business Administration is from American Technological University (MA 1981). Additionally, he is a graduate of numerous U.S. Army professional development and specialty qualification courses.

He is a  Silicon Graphics Inc certified Onyx and Challenge system maintainer.

Mr. O'Keefe is a 70% disable Regular Army Major, and served as a senior operations research analyst with the Modeling and Analysis Team at the U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command's Natick Soldier Center for over 11 years. During that time he was the project officer in charge of the development of analytic Warrior Systems simulations including the Integrated Unit Simulation System (IUSS)   and the Soldier Protective Equipment Computer Aided Design (SPE CAD) system and the Chairman of the Warrior System Modeling Working Group of the U.S. Department of Defense Warrior System Technology Base Executive Steering Committee.

In 1995 he was the leader of the System Analysis Team that won the U.S. Army Materiel Command's System Analysis Award for the development of a methodology to use engineering level and virtual reality battlefield simulations into a virtual prototyping system allowing the rapid and low cost approach to examine and quantify the effects of proposed individual soldier clothing, weapons, and sensors on individual survival/unit mission accomplishment.

He has received a number of other U.S. military and Government awards.

He has served as the Technical Manager of a firm that remanufactures and reconfigures Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI), Intergraph Inc, and Sun Microsystems Inc computer systems.

Mr. O'Keefe was designated a Microsoft Windows Embedded Most Valuable Professional  in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.  He has extensive experience in the design and production of Intel IA32 based embedded systems using Win32 based operating systems.

Mr. O'Keefe has numerous technical publications and white papers.