This page list the pervious Hummingbird Computing software products.  
These products include a series of utilities to work in conjunction with MultiGen Creator and standard format terrain elevation files.
  • Xlator is a MSDOS program that translates previous MultiGen Flight format files to MultiGen Open Flight 15.6 format.
  •  FileConvert.exe is a Windows 32 application that translates MultiGen - Paradigm Inc.  Digital Elevation Data (DED) files to National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) format files.
  • DEDReader is a MS DOS based program that prints the contents of a MultiGen DED file to a text file so you can examine them using any text editor or word processor.
  •  Real-time 3 Dimensional Models for use in MetaVRTM, Inc's Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSGTM) and simulations using Multigen-Paridigm Inc's OpenFlight formats.