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DEDCombine is a MS DOS based program designed to combine multiple individual MultiGen Digital Elevation Data (DED) files into a single DED file. 

DEDCombine was a replacement for the catdma.exe program distributed with MultiGen Creator.  

It corrects a known problem associated with the header data for the 2nd and subsequent DED cells in files created by catdma.exe being left blank of header information.  Given the fact that there is no set requirement for the ordering of DED Cells within a DED file containing multiple cells, this discrepancy can cause some interesting terrain databases to be produced from a DED File which do not correspond to the original elevation data. 

DEDCombine is distributed as shareware.  If it is found to be useful, the user was asked to pay a registration fee.  This registration fee entitled the registered user to an unlock key that gets rid of the annoying 30 second opening advertising screen.

You can obtaining DEDCombine.exe by send an email to  and request a copy. 
DEDCombine Operation

DEDCombine is a 32 bit MS DOS based application.  The following pictures illustrate its operation.  The program is started by either double clicking on it from within Windows Explorer.



or typing dedcombine at the command prompt in a MS DOS window.  The program will prompt you first for the name of the output file.

Then it will prompt you for the name of the first input file.

It will open the input file and list the header information for the DED Cells contained in that file. 


Once the input file is read in, you will be prompted for whether you would like to add additional DED files.  The following example shows adding 1 additional DED file and then answering "N" to the "Do you want to add any more DED Files" query.

As DEDCombine completes its operation it provides a summary screen which lists the header information for each DED Cell within the output DED file.