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FileConvert.exe is a Windows 32 application that translates MultiGen - Paradigm Inc.  Digital Elevation Data (DED) files to National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) format files.  Version 1.0 allows you to open a DED file using the File Open menu selection

Once you have selected a DED file to convert, select Convert DED->DTED to convert the file.

If you attempt to select a file that is not a DED file you will get an error message which tells you the file is not a DED file.

If you get this message just click on the OK button and select a DED file.

FileConvert places the output DTED files into a subdirectory structure based upon the Longitude of the data contained within the DED file.  The DTED files are named with the first initial of Latitude hemisphere and the Latitude. 

Program Documentation

A copy of the FileConvert User Manual in Adobe Acrobat format is available for upon request.