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MS DOS Based Flight File Version Translator Utility

The MS DOS based MultiGen Flight file version translation program, xlator.exe, was designed to convert earlier version MultiGen Flight format files to the latest MultiGen-Paradigm Open Flight version 15.6 files. 

Xlator.exe runs in a MS DOS window under either Windows 95 or Windows NT.

To use this program:
  1. Send an email requesting a copy of the Xlator.exe archive.
  2. If you do not have the latest MultiGen-Paradigm Inc MultiGen Creator 2.2 API DLL files installed, and unzip the archive using PKZIP, Winzip, or similar unarchiving program into the directory where you want to install the program.
  3. Add that directory to your path command.
  4. Reboot your computer to make the modified path active.
  5. Open a MS DOS Prompt
  6. Change directories to the location of the Flight files you want to convert
  7. Type Xlator <name of flight file> <name of output file>
  • The name of the output file should be different than that of the input file! If you use the same name and directory for both the input and output file you will receive an error message that says the output file could not be created.
  • Some MultiGen Flight files have external references that are no longer valid due to changes in paths, broken network connections, or missing files. When these external references are encountered by Xlator an error message will be displayed saying that the referenced file could not be found. The solution for this problem is to open the MultiGen Flight File, highlight the bead for the missing files, and correct the external reference. This operation can be accomplished using MultiGen-Paradigm Inc's Creator 2.2 or we can assist you in the conversion of your files.
  • The Xlator program requires the MultiGen-Paradigm Creator 2.2 API DLL's. It will not run with earlier versions of the DLL's.