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3D Models


 Hummingbird Computing's 3D modelers have extensive experience in developing, translating, and optimizing 3 dimensional (3D) models for use in real-time virtual reality simulations.  The animated images page contains a discussion of how this type model is developed and when you might want to use it versus a detailed 3D model such as 3D Studio Max would product.

An example of this type work is the running soldier distributed with MetaVR Inc's Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) products.


The model used in the MetaVR VRSGTM is contains approximately 1,300 triangles, 5 photographic textures, and has articulated arms, legs, hands, head and weapon.  The model was created using the output from a Cyberware Fullbody Laser Scanner.


The 300,000 polygons plus 18,000 voids produced by the Cyberware scanner were then reduced and filled to produce the final 1,300 triangle model.  

Next the model was modified to insert articulation points and the model animations were added.

Similar approaches have been used to create other models for use in MetaVR's VRSG and other virtual reality simulators.