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Animated Images


What Are They?

Animated images provided the appearance of movement of a 2 dimensional picture such as the Hummingbird Computing Inc logos below. The logo on the left is a single picture.  While the logo on the right is actually 16 separate images that are switched to give the appearance of movement.

 Where are they used?

Animated images are used in real-time visual simulations, on web pages, and computer based visual applications/presentations when the appearance of movement is desired without the computational load associated with computing/rendering a series of 3 dimensional models.  

Why would I want to use animated images?

An animated images provides the illusion of movement for a fraction of the computational requirements associated with using articulated 3 dimensional models. 

For instance to a detailed, high resolution 3 dimensional articulated model of the above hummingbird would require over 5,000 triangles and the computer would require 800 polygons.  Each triangle/polygon has 2 surfaces. At any given time only about a third to half of these surfaces may be visible to the viewer.  

This means that to display a 3 dimensional moving model of the above animation for one cycle 11,600 surfaces must be check to see if they are visible, the non-visible surfaces discarded, and the visible surfaces drawn/textured.

Compare that with displaying 16, pre-calculated images composed of 512 dots each.

Hummingbird Computing Inc has the capability of creating custom animated images from your artwork, photos, etc.  The exact cost is associated with the complexity of the animation and the number of frames you desire.